PROFMEDGROUP quality services caters to electrical and eletronic manufacturers and are related to every legislative and technical-normative aspect, connected to the certifications necessary to market the product.
In particular:

  • Ce mark
  • International, European and non-European Certifications
  • Training and Updating

PROFMEDGROUP quality manages, on behalf of the company, every national and international obligation required by the specific certification, and, where necessary, accompanied by the company so that the product meets the functional and technical requirements as by law.


  • Definition of certification procedures necessary for CE mark and to export towards countires outside EU.
  • Identification of comunitarian, national and international specifications.
  • Research and analysis of the relevant technical requirements, tests to be performed and laboratories able to perform them.
  • Preliminary scutineering.
  • Managing relations with Certifyng Bodies and testing laboratories. Production of the necessary documentation (declaration of conformity, technical files, user manuals etc.).
  • Update on legislation evolution.
  • Training on legislative, regulatory and technical aspects through thematic meetings.
  • Courses and conferences to deep main legislative, technical and regulatory aspects.

We manage the whole CE mar process, necessary to market the product, on behalf of the company, ensuring completeness and compliance.


By delegating to PROFMEDGROUP quality the company has assured every bureaucratic steps required by CE mark are conducted properly.

Our decades of experience in CE fieldallows us to:

  • Identify quickly and correctly certifications procedures required by the technical and functional characteristics of the product;
  • Search for the applicable rules;
  • Take the necessary technical documentation (data sheets, certifications, etc…);
  • Preliminary scruteering;
  • Measurements and diagnostic tests in our laboratory;
  • Draw up the documents required by the Directives, and in particular: Manual and Technical Documentation.


To export towards countries outside Europe is often a difficult path for the complex procedures and countless national and international certifications required. Through a longstanding collaboration with leading international certifying bodies, we provide:

  • Analysis of every certification requirements and determination of the technical requirements applicable to the product for the various export countries.
  • Identify the most appropriate solutions for a faste and cheaper export.
  • Selection of the international certifying bodies and reports
  • Preliminary scrutineering.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation.