Today’s industries demand maximum operational and organisational flexibility to meet new and rapidly changing requirements, very high efficiency standards to face competition which is increasingly fiercer and imposes constant renewal and updating of know-how while generating uncertainty and major risks with respect to the past in terms of investment choices.

PROFMEDGROUP evolve is the innovative solution for all those sectors needing Electronics solutions.

PROFMEDGROUP evolve connects and creates Integration between divisions as the intrinsically flexible solution to meet the challenges of a scenario of increasing dynamism and high risks.

PROFMEDGROUP evolve is a combination of Organised Structures and Relations based on the integration of horizontal lines which strive for Operational and Organisational flexibility.
The relations which link the various Divisions of the Group are characterised by:

  • definition and development based on an unitary business plan;
  • a level of efficiency which is higher than single Divisions.


PROFMEDGROUP evolve offers cutting-edge solutions in the many different fields of Applied Electronics. Thanks to the fact that the organisation consists of different Divisions, the PROFMEDGROUP Open Group offers a global Service both in terms of the finished product and semi-finished parts.


Product engineering is related to its development in overall terms.

In this phase, special attention is required for electronics integration problems with mechanics, heat dissipation, miniaturization, protection from noise, electromagnetic emissions reduction, adequate management of the supplied power and of the signals.

PROFMEDGROUP evolve Technical team constantly runs the engineering process monitoring every step of development and ensuring that interaction between designers is active and continuous.

PCB mastering

PCB burning is the process in which the circuit diagram is achieved by the necessary documentation for PCB production (master, BOMs, test procedures).

It is very important that PCB mastering is carried out in collaboration by Hardware and Firmware designers, through the use of updated tools and effective for electrical schematics generation.

PROFMEDGROUP evolve realizes PCB masters for single-sided, double-sided and multilayer circuits (traditional assembly or SMD).


Hardware design is the process through which:

  1. we define the components to be used
  2. we generate the preliminary scheme of the electronic circuit
  3. we generate the prototype
  4. electrical tests
  5. first compatibility test

PROFMEDGROUP evolve runs Hardware designing digital or analog card, digital card based on microprocessors and programmable microcontrollers devices, analog circuit power board and data acquisition cards and sensors to detecte natural and physical magnitudes.

Hardware design is always carried out in close relations with firmware development and board industrialization, to get the highest integration level of the product.


firmware design is intended for electronic systems based on 8,16,32 microprocessors bits (the most popular Atmel, MicroChip, Renesas, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Fujitsu, St Microelectronics, Nec, Cypress)


Software design is finalized to PC and Windows platform systems.

Marking, Ce certification, Quality Control and International Certifications

This is the service that nowadays PROFMEDGROUP Evolve delivers through PROFMEDGROUP qualityDivision.

Legislative and regulatory assistance for CE mark is carried out in three steps:

  • European Directives analysis
  • Applicable Rules Identitication
  • Technical documentation development for CE mark

To support export to non-EU countries the division is responsible:

Production and Quality Control

PROFMEDGROUP evolve offers a wide services range for production, quality control and after sales service which, in exchange, are identified on the specific customer requirements.

To provide the best solutions and with the best quality/price ratio, ProfMedGroup Evolve uses collaborations with the best manufacturing companies.

The careful final control activity ensures the best product quality.

Connections ProfMedGroup (external Division)

It achieves shielded and multicore wiring cables, sheath, round and flat, using automatic machines.

Different machines allow you to perform wiring seams, while sophisticated control systems and tensile tests, carried out on production sample phase ensure perfect suitability and machining quality.

Windings ProfMedGroup (external Division)

Windings Division manufactures metal transformers from 1 to 1000 VA, toroidal transformers from 10 to 3000 VA, transformers for switching power supplies, low profile transformers, telephone transformers, current transformers, inductance appliances, auto-transformers and igniters.

Thanks to a vast range of products and experience acquired thanks to ongoing designing research, it is one of the most comprehensive suppliers for the electronics and electro-mechanical industries. Product Quality and Reliability are guaranteed by consistent investments in automation of production processes and 100% testing.